Attaching Faceplate & Knob Cover

To customize the wall plate face color, select the desired faceplate and knob inserts from the product packaging and perform the following installation steps.

Attach Faceplate

  1. Line up the tabs on the faceplate tabs (a) with the slots (b) on the wall box. 
  2. Press together. The plate will click into place.

Attach Knob

  1. Align D-ring of knob cover with encoder stick.Figure 2
  2. Press together. Cover will fit snugly in place.

Removing/Changing Faceplate & Knob Cover

To customize the faceplate cover after one has been attached, use the steps below for detaching the back cover to access the faceplate tabs for removal.

Remove Knob Cover

  1. Pull knob cover away from faceplate. It may be necessary to use a coin or flat-head screwdriver to gently pry the cover loose to remove.Figure 3

Remove Back Cover

To access the faceplate tabs, the back cover must first be removed.

  1. Gently pry the cover tabs (c) to loosen the cover. This be done easily with fingers or a small flat tool.Figure 4
  2. Once loose, gently remove back cover.

Remove Faceplate

  1. After removal of the back cover, the tab points shown at the bottom (d) (also found at the top) can be access from behind the faceplate. Gently press these using fingers or a small flat to to disengage the faceplate.Figure 5
  2. Remove the faceplate.

Demo Video