The Axon C1 controller is an excellent solution for simple zone control of a Q-SYS based AV system.  Please download the attached integration guide for a description of the integration steps required and capabilities of the Axon C1 product when used in conjunction with the C1 Q-SYS Designer plugin.

Note: The C1 plugin is available for download through the Q-SYS Asset Manager found within Q-SYS Designer.

An integration video is also provided for quick introduction to the product and how to use it within Q-SYS Designer. 

Q-SYS Integration "How To" Guides

The following links provide detailed instructions for specific C1 functionality within Q-SYS Designer":

How to Set Up Basic C1 Functions within Q-SYS Designer


How to use the C1 with the Room Combiner Block

How to configure simple multi zone control  (no menus)

How to configure a complex multizone control (with menus)

Supporting Files: